Visit Leon, Guanajuato

Leon is one of the most industrialized cities in the state and region along, the quality of its leather products and footwear is known all over the country. The territory that nowadays occupies Leon city was once populated by diverse indigenous groups such as toltecas, chichimecas and guayares, so archaeological sites like Alfaro and Ibarrilla are placed within the limits of the city revealing the zone’s ancient settlements.

Today, its streets combine ancient buildings from the colonial age with modern architecture and wide avenues that compose the setting of a city on continuous development. Leon city is known as the World’s Footwear Capital due to the large number of shoe factories and top quality leather products, which popularity goes way beyond the borders of our country.

Its colonial traces without a doubt stand out as attractions, some of these are: Cathedral Basilica, Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles Temple, Fundadores Square, Los Martires Square, Casa de la Cultura, City Council, Expaitorio Temple, Triumph Arch, Panteon Taurino Museum, Temple and San Juan Dios Garden, Botanical Garden and Casa de las monas.